Mountain Time Construction

Falcon Crest Lodge was a hole in the ground at the time of our purchase in mid February 2004.

Looking North across site at Mount Lady MacDonald, mid February

Half the slab had been poured by mid April and the 'south' end was being framed.

Looking north at the 'south' end of the project, end of April

Looking southwest across the 'north' end of the project, end of April
The slab was completed early in May.

By mid June the 'south' end of the project was completely framed and the 'mid' section (left below) was nearly framed. 

Looking  north at 'south' and 'mid' sections, mid June

The 'north' end, where Mountain Time is, requires structural steel for the ground floor lobby and commercial facilities. Only the elevator tower exists in the two pictures below.

Looking  southwest at the 'south' and 'mid' sections, mid June
Note elevator tower at the right

Looking  east at the 'mid' section, mid June
Note elevator tower at the left

First look at the 'north' end
and the emergence of Mountain Time, late August

Looks pretty much like the artist's conception in the sales documentation. The dormer in the picture above is Mountain Time's guest bedroom window in the picture below.

The picture below is taken from the guest bedroom. You can see a corner of the living room window, part of the balcony door, and, on the extreme left, part of the master bedroom window.

First look at the inside of Mountain Time, mid October

The ceiling height throughout Mountian Time is 9 feet. The ceiling in the guest bedroom will vault to 12 feet, 2 feet above the peak of window shown above. 

The main roof support beams angle through both sides of the guest bedroom. We have used the space under the entrance side for an owner closet (not seen), the doorway (far left), and an angled closet (center left).